Medication Assisted Treatment for Hydrocodone Addiction

Classified as an opioid and prescribed to treat severe pain, hydrocodone is an extremely addictive substance. Should an individual develop an addiction to hydrocodone, it is extremely challenging to overcome alone. Because hydrocodone withdrawal can be so uncomfortable, many individuals often resort back to using the drug to avoid having to go through the withdrawal process. As the dangerous cycle of abuse and addiction continues, more damage ensues as time passes. Because of the dangers associated with hydrocodone abuse, it is imperative that those struggling with an addiction seek professional medical treatment.

Medication assisted treatment is a common first step that many individuals struggling with an addiction to hydrocodone take. This form of treatment uses specific prescription medications to handle the cravings, side effects, and harmful symptoms associated with withdrawal. In combination with therapeutic intervention, individuals struggling with hydrocodone addiction will be given the necessary tools required for recovery and sobriety.

The team at Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers is here to help you achieve a sober life once again. Through medication assisted treatment as well as individual and group therapy, we provide you with the opportunity to achieve long-lasting recovery. If you are looking for a center that provides individualized treatment to each patient that walks through our doors, look no further than Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers.

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Types of Treatment Offered at Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers

Both men and women, aged 18 and older, who have been struggling with an addiction to hydrocodone can take advantage of our treatment options. Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers are a network of outpatient providers with a staff that is comprised of physicians, nurses, and counselors. These professionals provide customized treatment plans to each patient that comes to us for treatment. Our team works with individual patients to create a treatment plan that will be the most effective for their needs, background, and long-term goals.

Included in our medication and therapeutic treatments are the following:

Methadone: Methadone has been proven to be a safe and effective route to take in order to lessen the symptoms that can take place during withdrawal. Methadone will not create the euphoric high that is often experienced while on hydrocodone, which means that they will be able to function normally while on methadone. The dose and frequency will be determined on an individual basis by the prescribing physician. Dosages will most likely be decreased as treatment progresses, which will eventually lead to true sobriety.

Suboxone: Suboxone is a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine that is given to reduce the cravings and symptoms associated with hydrocodone withdrawal. It is important to note that Suboxone can generate withdrawal symptoms if an opiate is taken while on Suboxone and because of this, individuals taking Suboxone must notify their physician if they take any additional substances to avoid triggering withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone is given daily via oral consumption.

Subutex: Using buprenorphine as its main component, Subutex is an opioid agonist-antagonist that is given to lower cravings and eliminate withdrawal symptoms. Subutex blocks the dangerous effects of hydrocodone within the brain, while the withdrawal symptoms are decreased. This medication allows individuals to focus on their recovery without dealing with the painful side effects of hydrocodone withdrawal.

Vivitrol: Vivitrol is a long-lasting treatment option that is given monthly via injection. Using naltrexone as its main ingredient, this non-narcotic, non-addictive medication is used to lower cravings for hydrocodone.

Individual and group therapy: The professional team at Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers believes that in order for medication assisted treatment to be fully effective, individuals must also address the emotional portion of addiction as well. Through individual and group therapy, patients are able to address the underlying psychological causes of hydrocodone addiction, as well as learn what is necessary for recovery. Individual therapy sessions involve a qualified counselor and patient in a one-on-one setting. Sessions provide patients with the opportunity to openly discuss their treatment progress, as well as obtain guidance from their counselor. Group therapy sessions are counselor-led sessions that allow individual patients the opportunity to come together with others who are in treatment for an opioid addiction. Patients are able to gain insight and encouragement from their peers who also understand the struggles associated with addiction.

Why Consider Treatment at Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers

An addiction to hydrocodone may feel like an impossible force to defeat. However, with the assistance of a professional treatment program, defeating addiction is possible.  Due to the painful symptoms that can take place during withdrawal, many individuals are turned off by the thought of giving up hydrocodone. Because of this, the cycle of abuse continues, which increases the individual’s risk for additional physical and psychological issues, including death.

Individuals who become dependent on hydrocodone are more likely to abuse other substances, such as other painkillers or heroin. Overdosing on hydrocodone or another substance can become a reality and one that needs to be professionally dealt with in the event it occurs. However, treatment options are available to aid those suffering with an addiction to hydrocodone as well as other opiates.

If you or someone you love is ready to take back control of life from the grips of hydrocodone addiction, contact Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers. We are here to help you achieve the sober life that you are capable of living.

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