Individual Therapy

Individuals struggling with an addiction have to overcome not only the physical aspect but also tackle the emotional and psychological part as well. Addiction does not simply refer to the physical act of consuming a substance, but of looking at the progress of the addictive behaviors as a whole. Individual therapy is an extremely valuable tool to use in the treatment of an individual who is struggling with addiction.

Individual therapy is a method of treatment that entails a patient meeting with a counselor in a one-on-one setting. This setup is extremely beneficial for individuals working through an addiction to drugs, such a prescription medications, morphine, or heroin.

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Benefits of individual therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • Recognizing traumatic situations or events that may have led to the abuse of drugs
  • Developing a new outlook in relation to the obvious and conceivable roots of substance abuse/addiction
  • Acquiring new skill tactics for handling stress and negative feelings
  • Handling delays and/or successes during treatment
  • Dealing with obstructions and/or successes during the duration of treatment
  • Devising new tactics for handling situations in which using drugs may be enticing
  • Forming personal objectives for the present and future

Understanding one’s own emotions, feelings, behaviors, and reasoning behind other decisions that have been made in life can help individuals brace themselves for a substance-free future. Individual therapy allows patients to have the opportunity to openly discuss their progress and treatment with the support and engagement of a highly qualified counselor.

Additionally, individuals taking part in individual therapy will also experience the following:

  • Improved self-assurance
  • Increased self-worth
  • Decreased stress
  • Improved sense of mindfulness

The benefits of individual therapy can help lay a strong foundation for the pathway towards recovery.

Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers believe that individual therapy is required in order to fully overcome an addiction to prescription medications, morphine, and heroin. By working with a counselor, individuals are able to receive the emotional help that they need while ensuring that they are following the guidelines set forth in their medication assisted treatment. Counselors are able to check-in with patients to discuss their progression within treatment, as well as address any issues that may take place during care.

If you or someone you love would benefit from the treatment that Southern West Virginia Comprehensive Treatment Centers offers, please contact us today. We are here to help provide those struggling with addiction the tools necessary to get back on track to a sober life.

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